Artificial Big Christmas Tree with Leds lighting from DM

As an evergreen tree decorated with eucalyptus or pine trees with lights and other ornaments, Christmas tree is always the most essential ornaments for decorating Christmas Day.

Actually, Christmas tree is originated from Germany. On December 24th each year, the Germans placed a banyan tree (tree of the Garden of Eden) at home and hung thin biscuits on it, symbolizing the holy cake (the mark of Christian atonement). But in modern times, various cookies begin to be used instead of holy cakes, and candles with symbols of Christ were often used as well. In addition, generally there is a Christmas tower set indoor, which is a wooden triangular structure with many small grids of Christ statues decorated with evergreen branches, candles and a shining star. Until to the 16th century, the Christmas Tower and the Eden Tree were merged and then to be called Christmas tree.

DM Window Display, as a visual bespoke projects manufacturer, we’d like to talk about how to build a fantastic Christmas tree to decorate the Christmas Day.

Here is the rough processing of making a Christmas tree.
Raw material preparation – Grass cutting – Bundles ting – Decorative ornaments installation – Package.

DM Window Display designs and manufactures the steel frame Christmas tree. The the large steel frame is made of galvanized square steel (non-flat iron), and its height can be up to 50 meters. It can be disassembly, so that easy for transportation and installation. And actually, the Christmas tree can be used repeatedly for more than 5 years, and the outdoor wind resistance can be up to 8 or even above. So it is safely used in large places. Due to the best-selling and top quality of steel frame Christmas tree, the five-year production and sales volume has help DM Window Display be one of the leading the industry.

Below are some large Christmas tree we made for Xmas display.

  1. Pink led lights with ribbons and many Christmas tree balls for commercial plaza display. The balls are always made of stain steel material, and then to be electroplated. Beside of it, there is a arch shape bridge that is made of metal and led lights, which is the way to the artificial gift house.artificial christmas tree sale
  2. Christmas tree shape tower with different layers for mall center display. This is made for Big Brand — Swarovski.beautiful christmas trees
  3. This is multi-layer cake shape Christmas tree display props. It is also made of metal frame and then covered with led lights. On the surface of the lighting props, there inlayed with some deer horns, which represent reindeer of Christmas.led christmas tree
  4. Here is another design of Christmas tree. On the image, you will find Santa Claus, little cute house, and representative logo “Merry Christmas”.outdoor christmas tree

In recent years, there have been a large number of imitative Christmas tree on the market, some use square steels as main frame, and use flat iron for other parts; some use thinner square steel, or even inferior steel; some big trees on the trees are spread with cheap rattan, so there is no sense of three-dimensionality at all; some reduce the number of branches on the branches; some use the branches but the leaves have a large degree of shrinkage.

Christmas tree below will be instructed specifically.

wooden christmas tree big christmas tree

Instructions: It is galvanized steel frame, layered structure for easy disassemble. There would be no deformation after repeated use for 3-5 years

No rust, and can spray a variety of color paint, and with the installation instructions.

Branches are generally tied with pvc chains, and the colors can be matched at will.

Frame features: It is detachable for easy transportation, installation and placement. Galvanized steel frame, tested by windproof.

It can withstand 10 typhoons and can be safely used in large places.

Customized types: According to different decoration, more than 50 kinds can be customized, and nearly 100 styles.

Delivery period: 3-50 meters, thousands of stock.

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Post tid: Nov-05-2018