Decking out Summer Retail Windows in Such Way

Summer arrives, clothing store windows need to have new changes to avoid becoming a low season. So let’s take a look at the design of these kinds of windows to look for some inspiration!

    1. The retail windows of some top brands have been occupied by flowers and plants.

The weather is so hot, how about moving the nature to clothing stores? Referring to Alexander McQueen’s approach of bringing the soil, plants, and flowers to the window, it gives customers who pass by a natural surprise.


    2. Run, flamingo.

    The flamingo elements are much further popular than you might think. Many shoe brands design their shoes with flamingo elements, and window display designers love it very much as well, saying GUCCI, Lane Crawford, Sijiatu, Zhuo Shi Ni and many other brands. Such fashion icon element that young people love really shows its great beauty and grace.

Flamingo Window Display

3.Fire it up, quadratic element

Currently, as the 95s has become the main consumers for retail shop, in order to attract them to go into the store, retail window with novelty is a must. The expression wall sticker, dialogue form window display, the full-featured world filling with quadratic elements. Music, beach posters, beer, melon, shoes and bags, even “curry curry” song played in the store. As long as proper atmosphere is created, pedestrians might be say, “Wow,such individualized shop, let’s shop the store and have a look!”

Creative Window Display

4.Magical acrylic ball

In the off-season, the clothing shop window should pay attention especially to the use of color. The large-area background wall made up of acrylic balls of different colors will definitely attract your attention.

Small Plastic Balls

    5.Fantasy window light show

The weather in summer is really hot, and most consumers would like to go shopping at night, so the window lights at night are particularly important. Among the many lighting colors, the blue is the best option for summer. It’s refreshing and bright, always gives people a sea-like feeling.

Fantastic Window Display

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Post time: Jul-18-2019