Fiberglass Huge Props for Budweiser 2019 CNY Display

Fiberglass Huge Props for Budweiser 2019 CNY Display 

    When talking about the advertisements of Budweiser, the first thing that appears in the minds of Chinese people is its series of advertisements of ants.

But why?

Actually, the success of the ant series is largely due to that of the ant’s brand spokesperson’s choice. In China, ants imply hard work, unity, and business all day long.In today’s fast-paced development, people often live in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment, so that ants give people a sense of intimacy. Besides of that, in every advertisement of this series, an ant would never appear alone. They are always in groups, and have the same goal. They always work together to get Budweiser through teamwork. These advertisements reflect a culture of perseverance and unity, which is a good match for the Chinese nation’s unrelenting and united culture.

In the 2019 Spring Festival Lunar New Year advertisement, Budweiser Beer still uses ants as the protagonist in their advertisements.In order to show more than advertised on TV, Budweiser would like to show them out as visual props for mall display.

Huge Props

One set of display props includes Budweiser Beer bottle, ants, and small fake hills. Actually, it’s not that easy to finish the projects. As the size of the display set is large, its production process is complicated, and lead time is really tight before CNY. Fortuately, after comprehensive consideration, Budweiser choose DM Window Display to be the cooperator.

Then let me show you more details of the visual props respectively.

Budweiser Beer Bottle: Budweiser beer bottle is 7 meters in height,and needs to be inserted obliquely into the small fake mountain. Considering its height, we decided to make the bottles in FRP material, whose advantages are light weight, good surface effect and not to be corroded for many years. As the beer bottle is as high as 7 meters, we need to make sure the bottle is light enough. In order to make the beer bottle easy to dump in the obliquely inserted rockery, we add some iron frames to support the bottle.

Large Beer Bottle

Fiberglass Bottle

Ants: There are 7 ants per set of display props, and each ants are with different poses. The ants are made of resin material, and then painted with orange color on body and black on eye. The ants are teaming up to insert Budweiser beer into the rockery, and seems that they are really busy.

Ant Statue

Ant Props

Rockery shaped prop: The hill shaped props are the base of the whole set props.The dia is 2 meters, and 1.5 in height. It is made of resin as well, and the ants are feeding the rockery and standing around.

Fiberglass Props Rockery Shaped Hill

During the production, we are at a speed of one set of visual props per day, and then shipped them to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and the other 7 cities for display. Besides, we provided installation service, and completed one set in a city within one day respectively.

It is really a busy and tight production for us. But our stuff and workers worked and teamed up together just as the ants did to achieved its lead time and good quality requests, and we even one day ahead of required delivery time.We hope we could get more opportunities to cooperate with Budweiser in the future.

Post time: Feb-19-2019