2018 Spring & Summer Resort Series Fendi Window Display

Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection is inspired by the festival. It is the artwork combination of the delicious and urban attraction.

1 Fendi Window Display

    Madison Avenue

Intense graphics are contrasted with the soft femininity, and then the pearl is blended with plump and sophisticated fabrics. All of this recalls the elegant henna tattoo.

Actually, L’Atelier Five is awarded to produce three special window displays, these shops are in Sloane Street, Paris Avenue Montaigne and Bond Street.The VM team makes in a life-size sculpture of each pose with each pose in sequence. This is the exquisite and unique floral design of the artist.

2 Fiberglass Props Display


Hands Make Beauty shows the creation and innovation of artwork from Fendi brand. An irresistible beauty that grabs your hand.Awesome!

3 Top Brand Window Display

Post time: Apr-10-2019