Looking at Fancy Easter Eggs before Easter Day’s Coming

Have a Look at Fancy Easter Eggs before Easter Days coming

    Easter Day is the traditional festival of Western Christianity. Now we’d like to take a look at how people using colorful fancy Easter eggs to decorate Easter Day in New York.

easter egg coloring ideas

    Since April 2, 2014, there had appeared 300 beautiful giant eggs on the streets of New York. Some of them were displayed on the side of the road, some in the shop window, and some hidden in the store’s display. But actually, it was a charity event initiated by the century-old jewelry brand Fabergé.

2 Fancy Easter Egg

    The event united a number of designers and brands to design the chic eggs for Easter Day, and placed the eggs in every corner of New York city, aiming to make the public to participate in the egg search. And finally, the eggs will be auctioned, and the auction proceeds would be donated to Studio in a School, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of art in New York’s public elementary schools, and Elephant Family, a non-profit organization that saves Asian elephants.

3 easter egg craft

  This is innovative Easter egg decoration that is made of wooden material. The designer’s layered wooden materials portrays the image of a mother. And the egg was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, where was more artistic.

6 easter egg painting

    This is an deocrative egg with culturally patterned, but because of the twist, it appears with a magical surreal feel.

7 dying easter eggs

    These flowers are made of ceramic, and the flowers are attached to the surface of the eggshell. Its artist named it B, which symbolizes that the living space of bees is as fragile as porcelain.

9 coloring easter eggs

    Look at this one. The designer combines the symbols of “good luck” in various cultures to create this egg with lots of fortune.

    All the above are beautiful Easter eggs decoration for display with creative ideas. And as a visual props manufacturer, DM Window Display is expert at creating fancy Easter eggs for many brands visual display. It can be made of resin, fiberglass, foam, and metal. Below are some of Easter egg decoration we made for reference.

    Easter Egg Decorations with strips on its appearance.

Easter Egg Decorations

unique easter eggs

    Glossy Easter egg decors without any patterns, and painted with high quality car paintings.

easy easter crafts

handmade easter eggs

    Different color painting outdoor Easter egg with patterns for display.

beautiful easter eggs Cute Creative Easter Eggs

    These innovative designs make people’s eyes shine. It turns out that a simple egg type can be operated like this. If you want Easter egg decoration with any pattern or design, DM Window Display will help make it out once draft or design provided.

Post time: Mar-13-2019