CNY Chinese New Year Window Display from Top Brands Shop

Spring Festival is coming on the way. It would be big festival for Chinese people, so more and more big brands pay attention to the feast and then increasing more big top brands begin to make visual props for Chinese New Year shop window display.

Then how amazing are the Chinese New Year window display props? Here we’d like to talk about it.

First: Bring Dog Props in Your Shop Window

    Last year is Chinese Dog Year. So dog is the essential decorative elements when creating a fantastic window display for Chinese New Year. LV brand is without exception. Below is the dog statue for window display of LV.

The dogs are made to be spotty dogs and pet dogs. They are totally handmade of fiberglass material, and then painted with different colors and shaped with different poses, like standing, sitting, and lying. And then LV bags can be put in different position to show its beauty and advantage distinctively to all the pedestrians passing by.

LV Window Display Louis Vuitton Window Display LV Shop Window Display

The same is to Moncler of their Chinese New Year window display in 2018. Actually, this is their customary practice that uses Chinese zodiac as visual props in shop window.

The dog statue is mainly made of fiberglass, and then put on red leather jacket. “Red” means lucky and prosperous in China. And its jacket material is as same as the one on mannequin. Besides of the dog statue, there are many pugs image lining together on the red background tidily. The whole window shows Chinese style meaning of flourishing to all the customers.

Moncler Window Display Moncler Dog Window Display Moncler Puppy Window Display

Red Dog is also adopted in Club Monaco for there Chinese New Year shop window.

Club Monaco Red Window Display

Club Red Window Display


The window of the world’s leading luxury men’s clothing brand, Zegna, is also put into a puppy, and it is a scene of a man walking a dog. This puppy is also very realistic. When the first time we saw it, we thought the puppy himself into the shop window.

Zagna New Year Display Zagna Dog Window Display

The following series pictures are the window of a shop called Isetan in Shinjuku, Japan. It is made based on the concept of the constellation “” this year, and it means, the zodiac dog.

As we all know, Akita originates from Japan, and it is Japanese specialty. So Akita is the protagonist of the dog theme shop without any doubt. They look as vivid as real ones.

Isetan Window Display Isetan Dog Shop Window Isetan Dog Shop

Two of the colorful kennels aredesigned empty, so it would be easier to be noticed when placing the goods in front.

Second: Red – the strong atmosphere

    The most representative color of the New Year is red, so red can be used for a large area in shop window to create the New Year’s atmosphere. For instance, the shop window of Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss Red Shop Window

Putting the words “Congratulations to Xinyi”on the background, it is obviously a new year window.

Club Monaco Red Shop Window

In addition to the puppy elements above, Club Monaco’s New Year’s window uses a large red background, which is quite prosperous!

Club Monaco Red Window Display

If you don’t like large areas of red, you can also use models to showcase them, like the MAX mara, it is a full set of red displays.

Max Mara Window Display

ZARA’s New Year’s window also shows the red dress in 2018. At the same time, it also puts a New Year’s series in front of the window. It is clear to you that I am the highly recommended product this year.

Zara Dressing Display

Third: Props Standing for New Year

    Some small items with New Year’s elements can also be used as props, such as red envelopes, small firecrackers, small lanterns, fans, and so on. The New Years exhibition of Gonghe Jun Company uses these elements to express the feeling of the New Year.

CNY Display Props

Nobody said that the small lantern must be red, and the famous Swiss watch brand Longines has refreshed its cognition. Its new year window uses silver lanterns, plus window paper, which has both the New Years atmosphere and the brand. 

Longines Shop Window Chinese New Year Visual Display Chinese Red Packet display Chinese Red Packet Props CNE Display Props CNY Rabbits with Red Scarf Langines Shop Window Longines Shop Window Chinese New Year Visual Display Chinese Red Packet display Chinese Red Packet Props CNE Display Props CNY Rabbits with Red Scarf Langines Shop Window

The Forth: Props zoom in and catch the eye

    In addition to using the above elements, you can also personalize a little (of course, this is only suitable for some young brands). It means you can enlarge your props, which can play the role of eyeballs.

Debenhams New Year Window

This is Debenhams’ new year window, titled Take it away,which symbolizes the beginning of a new year of positive and empowerment.

Debenhams Shop Window Display

After reading it, can you feel the atmosphere of the New Year? You must know how to do the New Year window more or less. If you have any new game play for the New Year’s window, or if you have finished the New Year’s window, you can share it with us! Finally, I wish you all a happy new year!

Post time: Jan-14-2019