Decorating Chinese Valentine’s Window with the five elements.

Qixi Festival is a very directional festival, and the choice of relevant holiday elements is very important to create the Chinese Valentine’s Window. Today we’d like to talk about how to make a successful Qixi window with eye-catching elements!


When talking about love, the first thing we think of is loving heart. In fact, loving heart is the most widely used in the Tanabata window, and it is the most effective element of the festive atmosphere! Let me take a look at how the loving heart element is used in the Tanabata window.

1.chinese valentine's day festival

Definitely, Qixi Festival is the moment for lovers to express their love. The two models in this group of windows convey the love with ribbons and loving heart– Loving element just has such power!

2.loving heart window display

    Although loving heart is simply to make, it’s quite powerful when expressing the festive atmosphere, even LV likes it very much. This group of windows LV with a lot of love balloons into a love shape, the goods are very eye-catching in the middle, the entire window seems to be Just say, on Valentine’s day, if you love her, just buy her louis vuitton!

4.qixi chinese valentine's day

    Tiffany & Co’s set of windows involves the loving heart element as well, using different color to combine the pattern lighting, giving us a very creative way of rendering, and intending to make the window of the frame high and highlight the theme of the festival, with this kind of lighting and love are a great way to do it.

5.qixi chinese valentine's window display

Only the red and white round stickers combining with the dot matrix show a huge love element, giving a feeling of the good visual impact of this group of windows, with a very simple sticker can achieve this effect as well.

    2. Love Elements

As mentioned, Qixi Festival is a day to express love. The most straightforward expression is language, but we Chinese are more subtle and want to express love but not too straightforward. Thus in the shop window on the Qixi Festival, using English letters is the most appropriate. However, how to use the English letter “love” is also a kind of exquisite.

7.valentine's window display

This window combines the interior and exterior to create a bench prop that uses the “love” pattern to make the theme of the window more clear. It is a very interactive point. At some certain festivals, customers can be photographed here. We can also think about how to combine elements and props can not only play a role in attracting, but also enhancing interactivity.

8.flower window display props

“LOVE” in this window is very eye-catching. It takes up a lot of space, making a dreamy and romantic character with lanterns and bouquets. When you see this set of windows, you can feel the love very intuitively. Isn’t this the effect of the Qixi Festival window that we want?

9.flora shop window

The main elements of this set of windows are still loving heart, which combines LED lights to create a strong festive atmosphere. “LOVE” material in the window is a kind of three-dimensional material, and we can use wood-plastic, plastic materials, or you can choose different materials according to the desired texture.

3. Loving Letter Element

In addition to saying love, writing a love letter seems like to be a more subtle way. In the days of Qixi Festival, it is also very essential.

10.valentine shop window

This set of windows enlarges the love letter in the window, and combines the words of love and the repeated love elements to push the festive atmosphere of the window to the top. If you want to use the element of love letter to build your window, this group would be very useful.

11.letter shop window

Covering the entire window with a loving envelope, it gives a strong visual impact. Combining plush toys and loving elements makes the entire window soft, as if returning to the young age, when we dare not say love.

4. Flower Element

Girls would focus more on13.flower shop window the Qixi Festival. They are born with flowers. The flower element is used in the design of the Qixi shop window. I know the flower elements, but how to use it in the window?

15.flower loving heart

This is actually very skillful. You can use the flowers to create the corresponding scenes and enhance the festive atmosphere of the Qixi Festival. Under the setting, the clothes give people the feeling of being very elegant and romantic.

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Post time: Aug-20-2019